Beer offer for caterers: a reliable business partner and a quality offer


Our offer of beer for caterers starts with a quality offer and reliable business cooperation. With many years of experience, we can offer you what you want. Let us also say that we understand your potential doubts and know what is important to you.


Every bar, inn or restaurant has its own story. Some of you are tied to tradition, others are creating a new adventure. Some are constantly changing, while others remain the same.


Every caterer, however, is aware that it is their offer that will attract guests, inspire them, and motivate them to visit again. It is therefore up to each caterer to first ask themselves what kind of ambiance they want to conjure up in their establishment, what they want to offer their guests and how they will surpass the competition.

We have been successfully cooperating with the owner of the Napoleon Caffe bar from the very beginning. Early on, however, they expressed a desire for a house beer and so the light beer Évasion session IPA was created. This beer is the result of local networking and creating new stories. In addition to this house beer, its guests are impressed by the award-winning Črnfest beer. Do you already know the resounding story of this place? How did Alen fill the bar with animals during the lockdown period to keep him company? Learn about Alen’s story HERE. Our beer also appeared in a video of the famous Slovenian music group 2B – watch the VIDEO. / Photo: Jan Kocjan

Of course, it is first necessary to ask yourself which product you will be able to sell. According to world statistics, people in restaurants most often indulge in wine at a selected lunch or dinner, in cafés or confectioneries they opt for a dessert coffee, and in the bar, they most often slake their thirst with cold beer.


Beer is the most popular alcoholic refreshment in the world, so it makes sense to pay a little more attention to it when offering it. Slovenians also rank among the listed world average.


But we must not forget that the market is constantly changing and there has been a lot of change, especially in recent years. Customer preferences are changing, they are becoming more specific, and, above all, there is a desire for novelties and specialities.

Growing demand for “different beers”


In the last decade or so, Slovenian brewing has experienced a renaissance. We are talking, of course, about small breweries, so-called micro or craft or boutique breweries. The fact that Slovenians drink an average of 87 litres of beer a year speaks for itself. So, it makes sense to offer the guest something more than the usual choice.

The quality offer of Vizir’s beers was also recognised in the Big Berry luxury resort. Our beer is a real star of their social and culinary events. They want to pamper their guests only with domestic and high-quality products from reliable business partners. We also receive their international guests on a tour of the first Slovenian craft brewery with an unforgettable tasting experience. / Photo: Peter Zakrajšek

The popularity of the hop drink is not a surprise, so it is especially important for the caterer to satisfy the wishes of their guests with a beer menu. Especially if it is true that the demand for different types of beer is growing.


We should also pay attention to the fact that with the change in demand, the culture of beer drinking also changes. For the better, of course, because quality beer and the consumption of it has been given a positive sign. And how to go from a wish to an offer?


Today, the caterer can choose from a mass offer of beers on the shelves. Commercial domestic beers and even more foreign ones are available. In doing so, we usually choose market-strong and well-known products, which in principle do not need to be dealt with much, as customers find them by themselves. There is nothing wrong with this, of course, but such a path usually does not lead us to extraordinary results. The beer industry is where we can create it right now. Why?

Doubts of caterers when offering craft beers


We understand the doubts of caterers when offering craft beers, as we have been in contact with you for many years. Allow us to present our point of view, based on our experience with caterers in Slovenia and abroad.


Restaurants and their staff are the link between brewers and end consumers, so they (you) also have a great responsibility for the growth of beer drinking culture. Especially craft beer, which requires more attention when storing, serving and consuming. It is definitely necessary to appreciate the value that boutique beer can bring. Not only does it taste great, it often has a unique taste, so there is a huge advantage in the brewer-caterer relationship.


Craft beer is, by definition, a beer that is produced in a small and independent brewery with the addition of more attention and care. The same applies to its marketing. The caterer may have a lot of doubts about their offer. Of course, the biggest doubt is usually whether guests will accept the new offer and, from a marketing point of view, whether they will sell the stock in time.

A wide range of Vizir’s beers is also offered in the renowned Črnomaljska kavarna. Because they also prepare excellent home-made burgers made from local ingredients, beer has been an additional hit. Along with the gourmet burger, Vizir’s beer of your choice fits perfectly. Also tapped. We are glad that the caterers accept craft beers so well. In our brewery, we also take care of providing a longer shelf life and quality promotional material. / Photo: Personal archive of Pivovarna Vizir

The freshness of boutique beer, however, can have one drawback. Shorter shelf life and careful storage. Especially if the offer includes draft and not bottled beer. That is why the right choice of promotion is all the more important. In our brewery, we have upgraded the pioneering beer of the Vizir brand over the years so that doubts about short shelf life are unfounded!


The biggest wish of a craft brewer is for the drinker to experience the richness of the hop drink. The greatest wish of the caterer is that the guest drinks beer with pleasure. And in the desire for another pleasant experience, they want to come back. The great advantage of the boutique brewer-caterer relationship is that they have the option for genuine communication. Everyone can express their wishes and vision, and they are also easier to coordinate. We can’t afford that in commercial companies.

Cooperation brewery – caterer


Although many restaurants openly accept boutique beers, it is definitely a good idea for the restaurant to opt for as few different types of boutique beer as possible. The main reason is that this is the only way to truly get to know the selected craft brewery. In this way, we can learn the most about their work, development and short history, thus ensuring the best beer experience for our guests.

Not only a quality offer of craft beer from the first craft brewery in Slovenia, but also reliability. And not only a longer beer shelf life and great promotional material. We also provide fast and reliable delivery with a smile. / Photo: Jan Kocjan

The story is what connects. Good business cooperation, of course, brings benefits on both sides. On the part of the caterer, reliability counts the most. Supply of goods and promotional material and the appropriate glass that beer requires to provide the best user experience. The story of the brewer will be presented to the consumer by the caterer, so he has a great responsibility. In addition to sales, they also take care of the proper maintenance of beer, and they must know the beer when they offer it. This way, they can justify a slightly higher price, which a carefully produced home-made beer definitely deserves.


Domestic craft breweries have a great advantage in the local as well as the wider environment. Let us not forget their many advantages, but we put social utility at the forefront above all. The caterer and the brewer can have the best cooperation, as they are both very desirable elements of society. Therefore, they should not be afraid to cooperate. It will also overcome challenges authentically and reliably, as they have a common goal, which is a satisfied consumer.




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